Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bathroom Progress

Over the last several months (since the last post in March) we have made a good amount of progress on our guest bathroom!

We now have drawers, feet, and hardware:

Drawers in progress. Made by John! :)

Feet added to the base of the vanity

The finished vanity!
We like how the feet make the vanity look like a piece of furniture.
We have a medicine cabinet installed (also made by John)

Close up of the hardware. We splurged on the hardware and bought something we LOVED! So glad we did, because it adds a lot to the look and feel of the bathroom!
And our latest accomplishment is the window:
We purchased this window on our honeymoon at a salvage shop in Galveston (which sadly, has since closed). This is what it looked like halfway through the removal of the old caulk and paint.
All the old paint and caulk scraped off.
John added a frame to the window so it would fit the opening we had for it.
Here he is priming and painting
The picture before being cut to fit the window panes.

The FINISHED window!!

We love how it helps complete the look and feel of the bathroom! 

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