Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Traveling We Will Go - Part 2

To here to read part one!

We arrived safely in San Diego about 6:00pm and went out to eat with John's grandpa to "...The best Mexican restaurant in town." The food was pretty good! We were in San Diego all day Sunday. We spent the morning visiting with John's Grandpa and his wife, then spent the afternoon at Balboa Park. Going to the park was a little bit like going to a foreign country! (the architecture, people, etc.) The late afternoon was spent napping, and the evening was spent visiting again.

John's grandpa playing with James.

The entrance to Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.

The architecture was amazingly intricate!

This is an outdoor organ. We were there at the right time to hear part of a concert!
It was interesting to see that some people were dressed for a concert in their Sunday best, and others just in their jogging clothes! Quite a mix!

This is (believe it or not) a fig tree in the park!
These are the roots. The trees are throughout the park.
Before we left on Monday morning, we drove down to a place called 'The Point' to see the lighthouse. Sadly, we were there before they opened, and couldn't wait an hour for them to open since we had to head out soon. Instead, we drove through the war memorial graveyard that is just before the lighthouse.
The lighthouse from a distance.

The ocean

Some headstones over-looking the ocean.

Over-looking the city and port of San Diego.
We left San Diego about 9:30am to head to Nevada. We stopped at the Hoover Dam, and went on the new bridge they built across from it. It's amazing how high they are!

Driving to the dam, we passed the bridge.

Quite an amazing structure!


The dam. This was taken from the bridge. As you can see, the water was pretty low compared to normal.

After the dam, we drove to Las Vegas to our hotel, The Fabulous Flamingo, to check in. Driving to the hotel, and bringing our needed belongings for the next several days to our room, we felt a little bit like country hicks in the big city - amazed by all the dazzling lights and bringing up our own food to our room. Our hotel room was on the 17th floor. It was about a 15-20 minute walk round trip from our room to the van. We tried really hard to make sure we had everything we needed to try to cut down on trips back and forth, but it didn't really work. :-p

The front of our hotel. Pretty snazzy!
Our room. Their theme is pink and black, like flamingos.

In a garden they had flamingos, along with other animals (pelican, black swan, ducks, and koi fish). James enjoyed stopping to see the flamingos each time we went past them.

The view from our 17th floor room.
Tuesday was the first day of the International Builders Show - the main reason for this trip. The three days were full of walking, seeing some neat new products, meeting new people, and lots more walking! ;-) The learning sessions John went to these three days were very informative and good reminders in several areas for his business. When John was in classes, James and I were either at the room taking a nap, or walking around the exhibit halls. After John's classes we would walk around the halls together.

Outside of the convention center just before going in to the show.
This is the Kohler booth. It's one of the largest boothes in the show. Practically it's own room!

On Tuesday night we walked over to the Bellagio to see the water fountain show (set to music) they are most famous for - It was pretty cool to see it in person! I only took video, so no still shots. The music to the water show I videoed isn't preferable (some country love song), so I won't be posting it unless I can figure out how to put different music to it. Until then, you can probably search Google for pictures :-) We were bummed that they weren't playing any classical music like they do sometimes.

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